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Blessed be the neglected things...

I don't think I've played a game of chess with a human being since October. I do believe I'm going to go mad.

Things I haven't done, for lack of free time:
  • I haven't read The Brothers Karamazov. Yet another "Been putting off since October" activity.
  • Painted. Like, anything.
  • Finished Oliver/You belong in the world of forms --it's on the cusp of completion, and has been there since...November 30th.
  • Re-read The Liar, by Stephen Fry. That whole book (pardon my English) was a complete mind-fuck in the end. I loved the book, don't get me wrong. In the end I just couldn't distinguish what was fact and what was fiction with any real certainty.
  • Read & type notes a couple chapters ahead n my Western Civ. textbooks. Easier said than done.
  • Decide whether or not "Mourn" is going to be a play, a collection of disjointed poems, or a musical. ha!
  • Clean my room (yeah, yeah, okay. But seriously, all my possessions are either pouring out of (collapsing) cardboard boxes or piled precariously on top of the bookcase. It's madness!)
  • Find a better copy of "Meditations on First Philosophy." One without both the glaring and hellishly misleading typographical errors. Seriously. This  edition is worthless. (The publisher is Classic Books America, just as a warning).
Ah! Tired!